What is prosperity?

Many of you automatically think of prosperity as primarily financial. However, this is simply not the case. Prosperity encompasses much more than money. In fact, prosperity is synonymous with self-esteem. Prosperity is manifesting what you think you are worth. It happened by his standards: it could mean lying in the sun for an hour a day without feeling like you were to be somewhere else; knowing that you can lie down and congratulate yourself on managing your life so well that lying in the sun is a party.

Prosperity or being (the ability to have) is omnipresent. You limit your success based on what you think you are worth. This happens unconsciously and you happen to have that level of success or wealth in the relationship that matches your self-esteem.

Imagine a family with low self-esteem winning a million dollars in the lottery. In twelve months everything was over and they returned to the old way of life. They couldn’t have that level of success because their self-esteem wasn’t high enough. His energy level couldn’t contain the huge surge.

The limits of prosperity are imposed by false personality and stem from fear. There are real and specific fears about what can happen to you if you are tall and tall. For example, people kill other people for their property. If you don’t have much, they won’t kill you. You can examine specific fears in your conscious mind and get rid of them.

The opposite is that if you love yourself, then anything is possible.

So prosperity means feeling worthy enough to have lived the way you want. So prosperity fills the lack; lack of time, lack of things, lack of relationships, lack of love, lack of creativity, etc. Therefore, prosperity means having an abundance of everything you want more of, including greater spiritual understanding.

Prosperity and higher centers

Spiritual prosperity, as is the case with spiritual power, has to do with being in the higher centers, gaining that distant perspective on yourself and your life to see how it all fits together. It is about feeling a sense of unity with other people.


The goal of the higher intellectual center is truth. Prosperity is a matter of having the truth in your life. You can tell your friends and family the truth and they can tell you the truth. This is the prosperity that truth bestows.

When you have spoken the truth and heard the truth, you can act upon it. You can then decide which relationships you want in your life. When you tell yourself the truth about your job, you can decide to change it or keep it. After doing this, you automatically become a more powerful person. You don’t spend time with people you don’t like, so you have more time and more energy. In short, you have a higher self.

After seeing your place, you can see the whole and open up as a boundless spirit of your guides, direction and connection, away from pain, fear, and suffering. From this space, you can make strong choices.

The Love

Remember that the highest emotional center shows unconditional love. Prosperity depends on having more love in your life. It’s about feeling the pain and loving yourself enough to allow yourself to have it. Fear obscures the higher levels of existence and the remedy is to learn to love yourself. Love yourself and everything is possible.


Prosperity is having the energy to show what you want. The energy quality of the highest mobile hub makes the integration of truth and love possible. When truth and love work together in your life, you can become as rich as you wish. Remember the example of a family with low self-esteem who just couldn’t take advantage of their luck. The higher mobile center energy increases your ability to possess, do and be more.

By becoming more prosperous

To become more prosperous in an integrated way, balance is needed. There must be inspiration, expression, action, and assimilation. Inspiration needs work. Work needs expression. Expression requires understanding first and so on. They are all connected. Each axis must play its role. When prosperity is satisfactory, it is blocked and usually, one of these four axes is not included.

Imagine being inspired by a vision of what you want your life to be. You internalize the vision and express it to others. But without a business plan, your vision is unlikely to express itself in any way. Likewise, if you start the business without an inspiring vision, chaos is likely to emerge.

What Should be done

What follows is a practical step-by-step approach to owning, doing, and being more in your life.

  1. Do exactly what you want and write it as a set of goals.
  2. Create positive affirmations about these, mentioning them in current terms, such as “I am now enjoying wonderful health and good relationships.” This will immediately lead to negative beliefs that have hindered you in this area. These beliefs can then be incorporated, recognized, and abandoned. New positive affirmations can replace them all.
  3. Regularly visualize your way of being, getting what you want, and doing what you want.
  4. Insist on doing so despite current circumstances and the absence of immediate results. It takes time for ideas to emerge on a physical level.
  5. Make a plan on how to achieve your goals. Check each step as complete.

The limits to prosperity

Know what your comfort zone is. Going beyond your comfort zone and getting more can be totally uncomfortable, believe it or not. Do you really want another forty thousand a year? Do you really want a committed love affair? Are you ready to handle all the discomfort?

Ask yourself first? “Can I have it?”

Find out what you have to give up to break the boundaries of your comfort zone. List articles. See how others are counting on you not to increase your identity. If you do, they will have to look at them because they are often competitors. This can make them mad at you.

You have to give up believing you can’t have it. Notice that your ego just wants to be right.

There are two types of attitudes towards money:

  1. Spend it now and trust: find the space to do it. (positive)
  2. Control of expenses – governed by the fear of completion (negative)

Note that these operate in a kind of dynamic tension with each other. One of them doesn’t work without the other.