Two Kamsack-area men were fined $3,000 in provincial court after pleading guilty to poaching and night hunting offences.

On October 18, 2015, Ministry of Environment conservation officers received a call to the Turn In Poachers line about hunters using spotlights to hunt at night in an area northwest of Kamsack. A few days later, the officers were on a night patrol in the same area and observed the occupants of a vehicle shining a spotlight in a field.

The officers stopped the vehicle where the two individuals claimed they were exercising their Treaty right to hunt for food. Through the investigation, it was also determined they were hunting on private land without permission from the landowner.

Anyone exercising Treaty hunting rights must obtain landowner permission to hunt on private land or occupied Crown land. The use of a spotlight is prohibited in Saskatchewan, except on First Nation Reserves.

Kevin Badger, age 35, and Mathew Dubois, age 29, of the Cote First Nation, pleaded guilty to unlawful hunting and for illegally using a spotlight to hunt under The Wildlife Regulations. Each was fined $1,500, and had their firearms, ammunition and spotlights forfeited to the Crown.




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