Photo courtesy Regina Police Service.

The Regina Police Service held its first Firearms Amnesty Program this month, and the program was a success as many citizens took advantage of the opportunity to surrender unwanted firearms and ammunition.

The amnesty program ran from February 1 – 15. A total of 157 firearms were surrendered.

Regina residents contacted the Regina Police Service and members of RPS picked up unwanted firearms, ammunition and other weapons from the homes of residents who wished to surrender them. During that time period, no charges were laid in relation to the unauthorized possession or careless storage of these firearms.

The breakdown of items seized are:

  • Ammunition:  59 Exhibits
  • Knives:  4
  • Misc Gun related items:  4
  • Pellet/Air/Starter Pistols:  21
  • Restricted/Prohibited Firearms:  25
  • Rifles:  81
  • Shotguns:  30

The amnesty period is now over, however, those wishing to surrender a firearm are still encouraged to contact police.



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