A pipeline leak has spilled about 200,000 litres of crude oil on the Ocean Man First Nation, about 10 km north of Stoughton, Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of the Environment was notified late on Friday, January 21st of the leak. The pipeline was shut down upon discovery of the breach, and Tundra Energy Marketing Inc. is leading cleanup efforts at this point.

A press release issued by the Saskatchewan government noted that the oil spilled onto agricultural land, and that the spill site is a low-lying area that contains a frozen slough.  The spill is fully contained within the location and the oil is not entering any creeks or streams.

Cleanup work began Saturday and included the removal of surface oil with vacuum trucks and efforts to identify the source of the rupture. As of January 23rd, 170,000 litres have been recovered.

Ocean Man First Nation Chief Connie BigEagle was on site and will be kept apprised of the repair/remediation activities.

Environmental Consultants are on location and are investigating impact.  At this time, local air quality and wildlife have not been affected.

Further assessment and cleanup, including excavation work, will follow until the site is appropriately restored. The Petroleum and Natural Gas division of the Ministry of the Economy will be investigating the cause of the spill and will be onsite overseeing clean-up efforts and pipeline repairs.

The actual source of the leak will not be known until the site is excavated and the breach location is confirmed. Excavation of the affected line is expected to take place on Wednesday. Once the line is excavated and removed, it will be sent away for testing.

Stoughton is 62 kilometres east of Weyburn, Sk.



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