Almost one year after a deadly school shooting, La Loche Community School has cancelled classes today at both campuses after RCMP received a complaint yesterday of a threat directed toward the school.

In a press release today, RCMP stated that the alleged threat included information about a potential shooting at the La Loche Community School on January 20, 2017. The threat was general in nature and no one person was identified or targeted in it.

The Clearwater River School is also closed today.

“The RCMP takes all threats seriously. January 22 is on the minds of all La Loche community members, including those at the detachment. It is not lost on all of us the impact potential threats of this nature can have. We will continue to work closely with La Loche Mayor Robert St. Pierre and the La Loche Community School to ensure everyone feels safe and secure – this is our priority,” said Staff Sergeant Greg Heuer, La Loche Detachment Commander, in the press release.

“The community of La Loche has been working closely with the RCMP. We appreciate their efforts to thoroughly investigate this latest incident. We have come to the decision – as a community – that it would be in everyone’s interest to close the schools for the day. Classes will resume as usual on Tuesday,” stated the Mayor of La Loche, Robert St. Pierre.

Once aware of this potential threat, La Loche RCMP began an immediate investigation in conjunction with RCMP support units. The investigation determined there is no legitimate threat at this time. No charges have been laid.

“We all must remain vigilant. We encourage community members to contact the detachment if they have information about potential threats or any other concerns,” noted Heuer.

“This was already a difficult time for La Loche, made even more difficult now with this latest threat. Residents of La Loche are requesting privacy to mark the anniversary of this tragedy as a community and that it should be within the community. Therefore, we would respectfully like to thank media agencies in advance for allowing us this time to continue the healing process,” said St. Pierre.



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