The Wavell Starr column

This past year has been an eventful one for social media, including arguably the “top dog” of them all, facebook. When life happens, facebook lights up. Allow me to share with you “if you wiilllll” *Dusty Rhodes voice* the best and the worst of facebook in 2016.

The best:

  1. DAPL Resistance – #IStandWithStandingRock was a huge factor in uniting Indigenous peoples in much the same way the #IdleNoMore movement mobilized Nations north of the border in the recent past. The major difference was that since the height of the #INM days, facebook has developed a new method of communicating with the masses via facebook LIVE. This made for the ultimate in reality television and it was all delivered in real time. You can be sure that facebook will be a great way to keep up with the latest as this issue unfolds.
  1. Lesnar vs Goldberg – there was so much hype going into the WWE match between former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar and the nearly 50 year old Bill Goldberg who was returning to hype the release of WWE 2k17, that many were wondering what the creative team would come up with. Shocking the world, Goldberg pinned Lesnar less than two minutes into the match and the crowd was in utter disbelief. Needless to say, facebook BLEW UP. Many were outraged and insulted at the angle they were given but in my opinion it was the best route to go. Goldberg hasn’t worked in front of a crowd since 2004. Keeping him in the ring for longer would have been a risk to exposing him or making him look weak. With the win, he is now in the position for at least one more match which means $$$ for all involved.
  2. INFR powwow – Las Vegas was the site of what powwow people are now referring to as the “World Championships”. The dance contests were run in a very innovative manner and seemed to have been favoured by the dancers and spectators alike. On the singing end, there was a lot of facebook buzz when Northern Cree announced that they were withdrawing and Wild Horse was offered the spot. All in all the whole event made for a cool facebook experience which once again included facebook LIVE.

The worst:

  1. The “Misleading Video” post – You are scrolling the feed and see what honestly and innocently appears to be a video that may interest you so you click to play the video. To your surprise and to the shock of the people in the near vicinity, you learn that the audio track has been swapped with what I am told is a dirty movie. (That’s what they say however I am unable to confirm).
  2. Facebook messenger phone call – errr. Just nevermind.
  3. Snap chat filters – We get it. You want to look like a dog face. You have a garden wreath around your head and your eyes are sparkling in your picture but never in real life. I’ll stop now.

You be the judge:

  1. Reaction to the AFN honoring Gord Downie – when Gord Downie of “the Tragically Hip” was gifted an eagle feather and a traditional name at the recent AFN assembly, controversy ran rampant on facebook. Many posts were in support of it and saw the gesture as an appropriate one for a public figure that supports reconciliation and Indigenous rights. There was however a divide amongst the voices of facebook, as many expressed that they felt that the event was done “for show”.

There’s your 2016 facebook year in review. Looking forward to liking your posts in 2017!



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