(Treaty 6 Territory, Saskatoon, SK) – The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) wants the federal government to show its commitment to First Nations relationships by appointing a First Nation representative to the National Energy Board (NEB) and to ensure First Nations are fully consulted in the process to modernize the NEB.

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron said a First Nations voice on the National Energy Board is critical as First Nations are the rights holders to the land and water with many of the projects impacting our communities.

“First Nations must be a part of this transformation as the National Energy Board contemplates a new Energy East hearing panel and process,” said Chief Cameron in a press release.

“We want a panel that has a First Nations perspective on Inherent, Treaty and Indigenous rights. Treaty Right holders face an almost insurmountable barrier to having their issues addressed by pipeline companies and Canada’s pipeline regulator. The Obama administration had to take drastic steps to intervene in an escalated situation that is still unsettled. We only need to look south to the Dakotas to see what happens when pipeline companies and governments ignore inherent rights,” he said.


“First Nations communities want to both protect the environment and be able to take advantage of economic development opportunities,” said FSIN Vice Chief E. Dutch Lerat. “To achieve this requires that First Nations be fully engaged by industry while at the same time the Crown fulfills its legal and constitutional requirement for meaningful consultation. The processes cannot be rushed.”

The FSIN Executive call upon Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister James Carr to ensure that the NEB re-start for Energy East will be inclusive and welcoming to Indigenous people. The FSIN demands that the Crown honour the nation-to-nation relationships they committed to and work alongside First Nations about energy infrastructure regulatory processes and must proceed in a manner that respects First Nations as rights holders of this land.



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