(Treaty 4 Territory – Regina, SK) A 56 year-old man was in court on Thursday morning in Regina after being charged with Luring a Child via Computer. Regina Police arrested and charged Kenneth Mark Davis in the 2900 block of 13th Avenue late Wednesday evening after receiving a citizen complaint.

The incident has prompted Regina Police Service (RPS) to advise caution to Regina citizens who call themselves “predator hunters” and while RPS relies on the public to report something suspicious, they wish to remind the public of the following:

Police are happy for the public’s desire to help, but there can be unintended and potentially dangerous consequences:

  • The average person isn’t trained in the rules of evidence, so it’s possible the information/evidence gathered before police are involved might be excluded from any court proceeding;
  • There is a risk to the safety of members of the public, including the so-called suspect, if there is an actual meeting.  You don’t know who you are dealing with or whether the suspect is armed or desperate.  Things can escalate very quickly, resulting in a tragic outcome.
  • Everyone is subject to the Criminal Code of Canada and other laws and, even if a person thinks he or she is doing what is “morally right”, there’s always potential that person could be charged if there is evidence he or she broke the law.
  • There is much encouragement and enthusiasm for such groups being expressed online, but members of the public must take care not to incite violence or other offences.
  • Residents are also reminded that there are situations when there may not be patrol cars immediately available for dispatch to a so-called citizen arrest. Such situations increase the potential for something bad to happen if a suspect becomes desperate or the citizens’ behaviour becomes vigilantism.
  • RPS investigators for internet child-luring are very specialized and they are always busy; arrests like this may take those investigators away from more urgent investigations where abuse is occurring. RPS’ goal always is to conduct thorough, quality investigations and events like this, although they may be satisfying in the short-term, challenge police resources in the bigger picture.

Regina Police Service advises people that if you see suspicious behaviour, including seeing a provocative message online, report it to the police.



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