Youth between the ages of 13 and 18 who want to help with issues facing youth in their communities are invited to join the RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee (NYAC).

The NYAC gives youth a voice at the RCMP Centre for Youth Crime Prevention (CYCP) by engaging and empowering youth in initiatives planning and delivery.

The programs and activities at the CYCP are youth-focused. The Committee will have a major role in shaping what the RCMP offers for young people by:

*   identifying issues affecting youth;
*   addressing community concerns; and
*   designing initiatives to foster change and address their needs.

As a RCMP NYAC member, youth can:

*   Represent their community;
*   Voice their opinions about issues affecting youth in their community;
*   Work with youth from other provinces;
*   Receive a reference letter or an attestation of volunteer hours; and
*   Discover their potential!

To apply or to get more information, email



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