(Treaty 4 Territory) – The leadership of the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC) is pleased the Canadian federal government has announced and outlined their plan to conduct a National Inquiry into the historical and contemporary systemic reasons as to why our Indigenous women and girls go missing and/or are murdered in Canada.

“In Saskatchewan and more specifically in Treaty Four territory, we have many cases where our women and children are missing or have been murdered. This number has increased dramatically in the past two years as we have more families coming forward with their stories of their family members who were murdered, as far as 50 years ago. Many of these cases have the commonality of systems that were designed to protect them and failed. I am pleased the systemic and root causes of the violence that our women and children experience will be examined thoroughly by the Commissioners,” stated Vice Tribal Chief Elaine Chicoose in a press release today.

FHQTC lauds the Federal Government for taking extra steps and committing extra resources to be sensitive and supportive of the families involved in the fact-finding process, and noted that it is imperative the support systems are culturally based and are outside of the very systems that are being scrutinized. These support systems must have services that are relevant and identified by the families themselves, the release stated.

“It is indeed a historical day that has been long in coming for our Indigenous women and children however we are still awaiting to hear of the commitment of Saskatchewan in allowing their provincial departments and ministries to come under the kind of scrutiny that is needed in order to make positive change. The FHQTC is optimistic the partnerships that have been created will continue and evolve to increase the safety and security of our women and children” said Vice Tribal Chief Chicoose.

Moving forward, the FHQTC remains a steadfast advocate, supporter, and community partner in the issue of MMIWG.  “Our families come first. Our communities come first. Our people come first. We have been on the front lines for many years and will continue to do so,” said Vice Chief Elaine Chicoose.



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