The Craven Country Jamboree has begun, and while it’s an event for fun and entertainment, it can also have concerns of public safety. RCMP have the following guidelines for reporting an incident.

If you are reporting an emergency, dial 911. If it is not a life threatening emergency, please call 310-RCMP with the following information:

1)    Your location – this is the most important detail to know, however not the only information that the police will need.  You need to know  your actual location; “in the campground” doesn’t work.

2)    Your contact information – police need a number to contact you back.  Stay on the phone with the call taker until they have all the information that police need.  As cell phone coverage is inconsistent, if you’ve made a call to police for assistance, stay exactly where you are, as officers may call you back.

3)    Wanting to meet the officers at the band stand won’t work –it’s too busy! Try to find a different location that is not as busy to meet police officers.

4)    Please don’t submit complaints through social media. Call 310-RCMP or 911 if it is an emergency.

The following stats for the last 24 hour period include the Craven Country Jamboree grounds as well as the area highways.

Impaired Drivers- 3
Roadside Suspensions- 5
Disturbing the peace- 4
Mischief to property- 3
Liquor Act- 6
Assault with a weapon- 1
Traffic collisions- 3
Traffic Tickets – 73
Prisoners – 7





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