(SASKATOON, SK) – On February 10, 2016, 22-year-old Justin Kishayinew left his home on the 100 block of Avenue L South in Saskatoon, and has not been seen since.

“Justin didn’t drink, he didn’t smoke, he didn’t do drugs. He lived a clean life. He wasn’t involved in gangs. It’s been really hard, every time we get sightings or people have said they saw him. It gives us hope, but then, it’s hard coming back to the reality that it wasn’t him,” said Justin’s father Harvey Abbott.

With the launch of Missing Persons Week in Saskatchewan on May 2, 2016, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) Executive urges the public to support Justin’s family.

“Our prayers are with Justin Kishayinew’s family. Justin is a young man who is loved by his family and friends. Those close to him say he is a thoughtful and quiet person.” said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron. “We are calling on the good citizens of Saskatoon for help and support in locating Justin. Please help in any way you can.”

The family plans to conduct searches for him in Saskatoon on May 14th and 15th, and May 21st and 22nd. The family will search along the South Saskatchewan River and hopes volunteers will join them on foot, with kayaks and canoes.  Anyone able to support the search is asked to call Justin’s father, Harvey Abbott, at 306-240-4912.

“We are looking for closure. We’ve heard and read many stories of people who have gone missing and they found their loved ones. It gives us hope that we will find Justin also,” said Abbott.

“We know the trauma and despair the families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls experience when they lose a loved one.  We’ve heard from them and supported them at their vigils and marches and during the National Inquiry and National Roundtable processes.  Their pain is indescribable yet, despite their pain, they have not forgotten our missing and murdered fathers, brothers, and sons.  Neither have we.  We are all praying for Justin’s return and ask the public to support his family,” said FSIN Vice Chief Heather Bear. “There are currently 123 missing persons in Saskatchewan– 56 are Indigenous people, including 17 women and 39 men.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been started to support the family with search and travel expenses.  A Facebook page has been created with information about Justin’s disappearance and updates on searches:  www.facebook.com/FindJustinKishayinew/.

Pictures and information about other missing persons can be found at www.sapc.ca

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