ANHH expansion 2

Pat Cook, vice chair Elaine Chicoose, Chief Daywalker-Pelletier. Photo credit: Brad Bellegarde.

Fort Qu’Appelle SK – Past tribal chiefs, current chiefs and government officials gathered Wednesday morning to witness a dream turn into a reality. The All Nations Healing Hospital had their official ground breaking ceremony for their expansion that will include new dialysis machines to treat chronic illnesses.

The new facility is something that Chief Marie-Anne Daywalker-Pelletier, from the Okanese First Nation has been looking forward to for some time. “It means better service and it’s an exciting venture in terms of addressing the issue of diabetes and chronic illness,” she said following the ceremony. “It’s a message of hope for our people and also a message that we need to concentrate on prevention programming on chronic health.”

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) was also in attendance to present All Nations Healing Hospital with a cheque in the amount of $250,000 to assist with costs of the expansion.

“Health and wellness is a focus for us in our initiatives,” said Pat Cook, vice president of corporate affairs for SIGA. “We are very proud to announce a $250,000 commitment towards the All Nations Healing Hospital Chronic Illness Centre.”

The initial announcement for the expansion was in December 2014 and Gail Boehme, executive director of ANHH hopes the construction will be completed by the end of the year.

“It’s one more step forward to completing that loop in addressing chronic illnesses,” she said. “Putting that shovel in the ground is symbolic in what we are going to see here in the next few months. From the build to the completion which we anticipate to be this fall.”

Construction is set to begin the first week of May.




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