(Saskatoon, SK) The FSIN is urging Saskatchewan’s First Nations to get out and vote in the advance polls for the provincial election. Advance polls opened March 29 and continue through Saturday April 2, 2016. Voters can vote at any advance voting location in their constituency.

“It’s important to take advantage of this opportunity to vote before Election Day on April 4th,” said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron. “When First Nation people vote it sends a powerful message to the various political parties that they have to address the issues that impact our lives. We would like to acknowledge Elections Saskatchewan for their efforts in making the election process more inclusive for First Nations in Saskatchewan.”

According to Elections Saskatchewan, 69 First Nations in Saskatchewan submitted a voter’s list and a letter of authorization that will serve as the first piece of identification needed to cast a ballot at the advance poll or the Election Day poll. The First Nation voter will still need to provide a second piece of identification with their name to qualify to vote. If the individual is not on the voter’s list, then they have three options:

  1. A driver’s licence, or other government-issued ID that has both your name, photo and address. This must be your civic/residential address, legal land description, lot/block/plan or First Nation reserve.
  2. Show two pieces of ID, both must have your name and one must have your address, for example, a health card and a utility bill.
  3. At the voting station, you can sign a declaration, and a registered voter from your constituency, such as a neighbour or roommate, may vouch for you. Each person can only vouch for one other individual.

Visit the Elections Saskatchewan website for more information:





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