Sessional instructors at the First Nations University campuses in the province are hoping to unionize and join the University of Regina Faculty Association (URFA). Today, the URFA announced that it has filed a Certification Application with the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board to seek workplace representation and collective bargaining rights for sessional instructors at FNUniv.

“URFA is pleased with the significant support that has been received and expressed during this organizing campaign over the last four weeks,” URFA Chair Dennis Fitzpatrick said during a press conference held at the FNUniv Regina campus today.

“We look forward to obtaining an Order from the Board which would grant URFA representation rights for these Sessional Instructors. Upon obtaining the Order from the Board, the next step is bargaining for a first collective agreement,” he added.

Collective bargaining would give the FNUniv sessional instructors the ability to bargain for  issues that are important to them. There are over 70 sessional instructors at FNUniv; they are paid significantly less than sessional instructors at the University of Regina, do not have access to health benefits and are facing an increasing degree of employment insecurity, the release noted.



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