(Saskatoon, SK) As the First Ministers gather to discuss climate change this week, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) encourages the Prime Minister and the Premiers to remember that First Nations have a special relationship with the land that is affirmed in the Treaty relationship with the Crown.

“We want to remind the First Ministers that First Nations are not going anywhere. We’re all in this together,” said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron in a press release.

Chief Cameron said the focus of the First Ministers Meeting should be on the immediate impact climate change is having on the environment. Chief Cameron hopes to see immediate plans and actions to address the impacts of climate change.

“In northern Saskatchewan, the ice road around the Hatchet Lake First Nation is dangerous due to the warm winter, in part due to climate change,” said Chief Cameron.“We’re going to continue to advocate and lobby for a year round grid road so the people no longer have to rely on an ice road to connect them to the south,” said FSIN Vice Chief Bob Merasty. “We want to work with the various levels of governments to build a road that will meet the needs of northern Saskatchewan residents.”

The FSIN’s Treaty Principles states that First Nations come from Mother Earth and this determines our relationship with nature, our role as stewards of this land, and all forms of life and our sovereignty.



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