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George A Portrait thumbnailThe Saskatchewan Roughriders went from a democracy to a dictatorship overnight. As soon as the newly anointed czar, Chris Jones, rolled into Regina, he began to cull the herd. A plethora of players were released, including former CFL All-Stars and recent Grey Cup Champions.

Yes, almost everyone in Riderville is upset from players to fans alike. D-Lineman, John Chick was practically a demigod in Saskatchewan. He tweeted, just this morning, in reference to his signing with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats today, “You guys do it right and am blessed to join the squad!” To rub salt into the wound, Jones axed Chick just after he opened a new Cross Fit business right in the Queen City.

Other franchise players are on the move as well. It’s rumoured that Weston Dressler is about to sign with a hated rival in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Even, quarterback Darian Durant was forced to take a pay cut and opt out just to remain in green and white. Numerous ex-Riders will find meaningful employment elsewhere in the CFL.

Fan reactions are overwhelmingly negative too. Almost everyone I know or have chatted up in Riderville is upset and in mourning at the same time. This losing team has practically zero identity now. It’s a complete rebuild, like no other I’ve ever seen in professional sports. As a fan and more importantly, a season ticket holder, I’m reluctant to renew my ducats before the deadline.

Make no mistake, Chris Jones is in total control of Riderville. This will be a critical and historic year for the franchise. The Riders are about to move into their fancy new abode next season and a lot of money and “Rider Pride” will be on the line. Jones will sink or swim with his brash endeavours. Only time will tell!

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