By Judy Bird

Regina Police Chief Troy Hagen has apologized to Simon Ash-Moccasin after a Saskatchewan Public Complaints Commission investigation found that police acted inappropriately and that use of force was not justified during an incident dating back to December 2014.

At that time, Ash-Moccasin said he was walking to the Cornwall Centre in Regina when police started “swooping around” him because he “fit a description,” he later told Treaty 4 News.

He also said that at that time, he was put in the police car head first and hit his head. He later went to the police station to complain but was “shooed out.” He filed a complaint with the Saskatchewan Public Complaints Commission, which gave a ruling on the matter this week.

“Obviously the findings conclude that there was a mistake made by our members,” said Chief Hagen.

“It was a judgment call in terms of making an arrest of an individual that somewhat fit the description they were provided. In hindsight, it was felt that the officers made an error in judgment.”

Chief Hagen said he believed it was a “training deficiency” for the two police officers, and that it was consistent with the SPCC findings. “They stated that they acknowledged that the officers were acting in good faith,” he said.

As a result of that finding, Regina Police Service is going to embark upon some training for all members, but also specifically for the police members involved.

He added that there was no evidence in this investigation to suggest that race was a factor in the incident.



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