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The truck topper is barely visible from the shore. Photo courtesy RCMP.

Anyone who enjoys ice fishing may want to wait a while longer before venturing out on to the ice.

On Tuesday December 1st, two experienced Ice fisherman drove onto the ice on Last Mountain Lake, north of Collingwood Estates, parked and walked further out to fish.  When they returned to the vehicle and began driving off the ice, the vehicle broken through.

The driver and passenger had escaped however the driver sustained a shoulder injury when he was pulled from the vehicle by the passenger.  The driver was transported to hospital, treated and released.

Southey/Strasbourg RCMP were advised that the truck that had fallen through the ice. The vehicle, an older Ford Ranger, is now embedded in the ice well over 300 feet from the shore.

RCMP remind people to use common sense when they are on frozen water, no matter what their level of experience is with ice fishing. Just a few years ago, an experienced ice fisherman was lost after a quad went through the ice.

RCMP also remind people that when taking ice shacks out on the ice, people do so at their own risk.



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