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Karin Wolfe Stoon police

Saskatoon Police Services spokesperson Alyson Edwards says a 33-year old man is in custody and will be charged on Monday in connection with the disappearance and death of Karina Wolfe. Photo credit: Treaty 4 News.

The search for Karina Wolfe came to an end earlier this month when Saskatoon Police found human remains northwest of the city.

A 33-year old man is in custody awaiting court on Monday where police say he will be charged in connection to the disappearance and death of Wolfe.

Police informed the missing woman’s family on Thursday.  Her body was positively identified as Karina Beth Ann Wolfe (20) with the help of DNA.

Police received information from someone telling them where to find the body.

Witnesses told police Wolfe was last seen in downtown Saskatoon in July of 2010 in the area of Avenue H and 20th Street.

Saskatoon Police Service spokesperson Alyson Edwards says when Wolfe disappeared the police had lots of leads but the investigation turned up nothing.

She says police knew her disappearance was suspicious in nature.

Edwards says investigators are trying to figure out what is the timeline in her final moments adding that information may play out in court.

“Who was Karina with after she was last seen? Who had she talked to? Had she been seen by others? Where did she go?” Edwards said. “Those are all the questions you try find answers to when someone is reported missing.”

For now Wolfe’s family is requesting privacy but police say the family will be going to go to the location where the body was found.

On Monday, Saskatoon Police will take the media to the same location, and will also provide more details about the investigation.



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