By Mervin Brass

Harper Sigrid

A woman who identified herself as Sigrid shouted her support for Harper as she waited to get inside the Conservative Party rally.

About 100 people turned out Tuesday night to shout down Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a campaign stop in Saskatoon.

The crowd chanted, “Hey, hey, ho, ho! Harper man has to go!” throughout the evening.

Plainclothes RCMP officers stood between the protestors and the warehouse entrance.

A handful of uniformed Saskatoon City Policeman joined the Mounties as they kept the crowd from getting close to where Harper was speaking inside a warehouse.

A Harper supporter who identified herself as Sigrid wasn’t happy with the uninvited crowd.

“And I just find it just really irritating that people keep coming out to comment and to protest,” said Sigrid. “And it’s always stop Harper, stop fracking, and you know fracking is going to save us.”

“Well people are really very sick and tired of the oppressive government of Stephen Harper,” said Priscilla Settee, a teacher at the University of Saskatchewan. “Well we’ve seen what Canada has stood for just slowly, or not even that slowly, rapidly just disintegrating where all types of social support networks have just been eliminated.”

Harper ear muffs

Throughout the evening chants of “Stephen Harper has to go…” could be heard in Saskatoon’s northwest end.

Treaty 4 News posted a video of the protestors on the paper’s Facebook page. Overnight, the video went viral, with close to 100,000 views, 230,000 people reached, almost 3,000 shares, 1800 likes and over 140 comments. You can view the video here or on our Facebook page.

At one point Harper’s campaign workers set up speakers at the gate’s entrance playing loud music in an attempt to drown out the chanting.

Betty Pewapisconias says a lot of her friends and fellow students at the University of Saskatchewan plan to vote.

“I really, really encourage people to vote and vote Harper out,” she said. “People of colour have been treated as if they don’t matter. It’s a really big step for First Nations people to vote and I think we’re ready to take that step.”

Harper will be in Saskatoon today to continue campaigning.




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