By Mervin Brass

Several potential candidates in the upcoming Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations elections were not allowed to run because they failed to provide a vulnerable sector check.

Now one of the disallowed candidates in the election for the Office of the Second Vice Chief wants some answers from the FSIN Credentials Committee.

Lyndon Linklater has questions for the committee after learning former FSIN Chief Guy Lonechild was told he could run despite not having completed a vulnerable sector check.

“If that’s true he did not give a vulnerable sector check and he’s allowed to run,” said Linklater, “then how come I’m not allowed to run because I did not give a vulnerable sector check but yet he is. It’s not just me. I know there are other candidates as well.”

In an interview earlier this week, Lonechild said he applied for one in August and for some reason it wasn’t submitted by police so he had to apply for a second one in September.

“And ultimately it still hasn’t come back but the Credentials Committee saw it upon themselves to accept me without the completed vulnerable sector check done,” said Lonechild.  “All it was, was glitches in my processing of my vulnerable sector check.”

He added he asked the credentials committee to state in writing why his candidacy was permitted.

Shirley Wolfe-Keller is another one who was not allowed to run for office.

FSIN Clerk of the Legislative Assembly Ron Crowe says he cannot speak to specifics about a candidate’s information package adding all the candidates who made the final list met the eligibility requirements of the FSIN Election Act.

“These are tough decisions but the Credentials Committee is acting with integrity,” added Crowe.



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