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George A PortraitThe soap opera season of the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders became even more twisted just yesterday.  Head coach Bob Dyce announced that Kevin Glenn would be back behind center as the team’s starting quarterback for this weekend’s matchup against the upstart Ottawa RedBlacks. Hardly news in most locales, but one of great interest for a 1-10 team in Canada’s most rabid football market.

Why was the move made? According to the Riders, Glenn gives them the best shot of winning now and nothing more. Balderdash! The Riders are mired in one of the worst CFL campaigns on record. There is no hope of post season activity despite being barely half way through the season. Still for some absurd reason, the coaching staff believes that a thirty something journeyman will be our future saviour! Go figure?

Where does this leave Brett Smith, the Riders promising rookie QB now? Right under the bus once again! Smith was untimely benched just weeks ago versus the very same RedBlacks. However, he rallied the Riders to their only win the following week in a impressive defeat of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Labour Day Classic. Yes, the Banjo Bowl was no prize for Smith or the Riders but that was merely an aberration. Smith possesses a dual threat on the field. A strong arm and nimble feet are equipped by few. I also see some good football sense in the youngster. With the right coaching and seasoning Smith could blossom into a bonafide CFL star.  Still he’s been sacked by his very own team!

GA Sep 15 Riders vs Argos Kevin Glenn July515

Quarterback Kevin Glenn versus Toronto.  Photo credit: George Alexander.

I could honestly tell you that if wasn’t for the rain, I’d have way better things to do than attending this Saturday’s game. Most fans are sick and tired of the Riders’ charades already. It’s only because they’re the only game in town that people will still attend. I’ve noticed a lot more empty seats in the stands and certainly “Rider Pride” has been waning of late. Even sporting goods stores report a drastic decline in the sales of Rider merchandise. It’s not a simple fix but as in any successful sports organization, there eventually comes time for a youth movement. Here in Saskatchewan, the time is now!

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