By Judy Bird

Regina hip hop artist InfoRed released a new video today, “I Remember” about a topic that hits close to home for him.

“The song is about a child’s experience the first day and the first night at residential school. those are stories that I compiled from my parents, my uncle, to personify the experience in the video,” said Brad Bellegarde, whose stage name is InfoRed.

“I Remember” is a song created in collaboration with Sister Says. The video was shot on location in Lebret, where the Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School was once located. The school was demolished in 1999.

Releasing the video on September 15 is also significant: it is the anniversary of the signing of Treaty 4, September 15, 1874.

“Just the impact that the Qu’Appelle residential school had on my family and to be able to put it into a video, it was rewarding.

The video features photos of his family while they were students at the residential school. “That’s a way I can honour my family for years to come by having those pictures embedded in that video,” InfoRed said.

View the video here.

InfoRed was featured in Ones to Watch, Part 2, in the June issue of Treaty 4 News. Read the feature here.




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