By Mervin Brass

FSIN interim Chief Kimberly Jonathan is happy an NDP government would call an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women in its first 100 days in office but her excitement doesn’t mean she’s endorsing the party.

On Tuesday, federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair announced his party would call the inquiry and spend $40 million over four years to renovate shelters for women and children.

Jonathan says Mulcair respectfully invited her to attend the Saskatoon announcement.

“The FSIN does not endorse any political party, the FSIN is always willing to work with anyone who’s willing to work with our First Nations people to help and move forward our concerns and we welcome any plan that does that,” says Jonathan. “Working with First Nation people to ensure the treaties are honoured and upheld. Our treaty relationship with the Crown needs to be strengthened so that we can ensure full treaty implementation. Our baby girls need to be heard.”

Jonathan says First Nation leaders like herself should not be endorsing political parties because individual voters need to base their decision on sound research and what’s important to them.

Jonathan says she’s heard comments about her not attending Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s education announcement last month.

Trudeau promised he would eliminate the two per cent cap on funding education programs and would spend billions on education programming and infrastructure for First Nations education.

Jonathan says the announcement is exciting but she wasn’t contacted about the event.

“Justin Trudeau didn’t invite me the opportunity to speak at that event,” says Jonathan. “We have to sit down with all people that are working to the betterment of First Nations lives.”

Jonathan says she wrote a formal letter to the political leaders Elizabeth May, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair and Prime Minister Stephan Harper to have a formal meeting.

So far, Mulcair is the only one to respond adds Jonathan.



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