By Raven Brass

Treaty 4 News spent the entire week covering the 2015 Saskatchewan First Nation Summer Games. There were some exciting moments and amazing competitions that went right down to the very last play or finish line. We spoke to a dozen athletes during this year’s games and here is what they had to say.


Athlete Christie Bouvier

Christy Bouvier

Team PAGC, Wahpeton First Nation, Softball

“When I was seven I went to my first Summer Games and just went from there. I liked pitching so I started doing it and practicing ever day.”





Athlete Birdie Thompson Bear

Birdie Thomson Bear 

Team FHQ, Carry the Kettle First Nation, Shot Put

“It’s a challenge for me and I like a challenge. It feels good (to win gold) because there was lots of good girls there, some pretty strong girls, it feels good to just achieve it.”





Athlete Austin BillAustin Bill

Team ACTC, Pelican Lake First Nation, Track & Field Athletics

“Meeting new people, going to the events, and there is a bunch of skilled athletes to compete against. It’s hot out, and hot running, the runners are pretty fast.”





Athlete Ashton Mitsuing

Ashton Mitsuing

Team MLTC, Loon Lake First Nation, Softball

“Couple of competitive teams, we’re losing right now, we lost once and well it’s not all about winning.”






Athlete Savana Walkingbear

Savana Walkingbear

Team OLTC, Thunderchild First Nation, Coach U16 Boy’s Beach Volleyball

“The development throughout the entire week, they got better, they became stronger, they developed team work. It was good to see them start from the bottom and make it all the way to the top and win the gold medal match.”





Athlete Zach Ananas

Zach Ananas

Team TBOFN, Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation, Track & Field Athletics

“It’s really fun, it’s just the heat. It’s just pretty fun, and just hot.”






Athlete Taryn McKenzie

Taryn McKenzie

Team Woodland, La Ronge, Track & Field Athletics

“It’s been fun, I’ve been able to see a bunch of people that I met at NAIG, that was good. There was a hypnotist, and one of my friends who is on my team, she got hypnotized and it was so funny. The people who organize the games are doing a great job, and I know all athletes are having fun.”





Athlete Athena BenjoeAthena Benjoe

Team YTC, Sakimay First Nation, Track & Field Athletics

“It’s been a great experience, and you get to meet new people, see all different sports and different athletes. I placed second, it was very honourable, and being able to place for YTC out of our very few athletes, it was very good. Track wise, I can say that they’re very competitive, you can tell that they train a lot, but if you train just as hard, then you can really achieve anything.”





Athlete Paige Bird

Paige Bird

Team BATC, Mosquito First Nation, Soccer U12 Girls

“It’s a good way for kids to stay active and do what they love. I was surprised (on winning gold) because it’s our first year, and we worked really hard for it.”





Athlete Cory Johnstone

Cory Johnstone 

Team STC, Mistawasis First Nation, Track & Field Athletics

“It’s just a really good experience for everyone, for all the old athletes leaving and all the new ones coming, it just reminds us that everyone can come together and have a friendly competition. I got my first gold medal this year, in all the years that I’ve come to the summer games. It was really nice. I was doubting myself at first, but my coach really helped me push myself to do it again, and I really thank her for that.”





Athlete Robin Worm

Robin Worm

Team TATC, Kawacatoose First Nation, Track & Field Athletics

“There is really good sportsmanship, I’ve never once seen anyone get mad over anything, it’s just a great energy all around. I got gold in discus with only one throw, the rest were faults, and I was scared that I wasn’t going to get first. I felt like the most happiest person in the world.”





Athlete Dylan Kenny

Dylan Kenny

Team SET4TC, Ochapowace First Nation, Softball U18

“It’s pretty good, there is a lot of good teams here. Having fun with the boys, getting along with everyone, making new friends. If we don’t (win gold), it was worth a try, we all played hard to get this far.”







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