By Mervin Brass

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and the Provincial Government signed an understanding today recognizing First Nation jurisdiction on education.

Both sides agree the inherent and Treaty Right to education remains a federal crown responsibility.

FSIN Vice Chief Bobby Cameron says it took two years to accomplish the letter of understanding with the province.

“Well this is just a confirmation, a reassurance to our 74 bands that autonomy remains with each chief and council,” says Cameron.

The FSIN and the Provincial Government agree the understanding will help improve education outcomes for First Nation students.

Education Minister Don Morgan says the province will wait and see if more resources are needed for First Nation education.

“I think we want to look at targeting resources wherever we can whether it be a First Nations child or an off-reserve child,” says Morgan. “The joint task force commits six million dollars a year for specifically for those targeted initiatives. We’ll continue to watch to see if that is sufficient or not.”



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