On Wednesday, May 20, Regina Police Service Chief Troy Hagen responded to a community group’s concerns about policing in Regina in an open letter published on the RPS web site.

“Our repeated invitations to meet with you, the organizers of the March 15th rally, have gone unacknowledged. Since the concerns were raised in a very public manner, we cannot leave the public with an impression that the Regina Police Service is indifferent to your group’s concerns. We want to hear your suggestions and have meaningful dialogue to collaborate on solutions – but you will not meet with us. The result is this open letter to the Community Concern group and all citizens of Regina,” Chief Hagen’s letter states.

On March 15, a group of citizens marched in downtown Regina as part of the International Day Against Police Brutality. The march ended at the Regina Police Service headquarters, and there, the group presented police with a list of concerns about policing in Regina. That day, the group indicated that they hoped the list would begin an open dialogue about policing in Regina, and address concerns about racial profiling, dealing with people with mental illness, FASD, the excessive use of force, and other points.

“In examining each of the issues on the Community Concerns list, it occurred to us that perhaps members of the group and the general public may not be aware of our past and current efforts in the areas specified,” the letter notes.

“We know this is not the complete answer; we know there is always more we can do to connect with all members of our community in a meaningful and respectful way. We continue to strive to improve our communication with the public about what we do and why,” he added.

Chief Hagen’s letter outlines a response to each of the 8 concerns raised. You can read the letter here.



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