By Mervin Brass

Jason Chamakese fluteLast week after his performance at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon, Jason Chamakese went home but soon began to complain about a headache.

During the middle of the night, the Cree flute player collapsed twice and was rushed to the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

Moments later he suffered a stroke that forced doctors to place him in a coma to reduce brain swelling.

Evan Chamakese says his uncle is more alert today, but the doctors didn’t have very good news to share with the family.

midnight at clearwater“He seems to be doing a lot better. It’s just in the last two days family has really been struggling with just dealing with everything,” says Chamakese. “The doctors were straight out and said that he most likely not be the same.”

Doctors told the family that Jason Chamakese suffered brain damage that affects his fine motor skills and mobility.

Chamakese is a recording artist from the Pelican Lake Cree Nation.

He won the 2011 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Traditional Flute CD.

The Chamakese family is raising money to help with expenses.

For more information visit Jason’s Journey to Recovery at the website.



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