A woman and three children under the age of 9 were found dead in a home in Tisdale early Wednesday morning.

Police received a call late Tuesday afternoon that the woman and her children were not heard from all day, which was very unusual. Police investigated and checked the home, finding the deceased woman and her family. Their names have not yet been released, but police believe it is the same woman and children who were earlier reported missing.

Investigators have determined their deaths to be homicides.

Based on early information, investigators believe the murders took place before they received the initial request to check on the woman and children.

Police began searching for a suspect, and that investigation led them to an adult male in Prince Albert. He was located in his residence at 2 a.m, and at 6:20 this morning, RCMP entered the man’s home and found him dead, but also found a 6-month old baby, alive and unharmed. The baby was put in the care of the Ministry of Social Services. The man’s death is not believed to be a homicide.

Police believe the man was responsible for the deaths in Tisdale as they were all known to each other.

RCMP continue to investigate.



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