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Reminder to all of the men out there – it’s Valentine’s Day and you are expected to buy flowers and gifts to prove your love for your partner.

The actions you perform on a daily basis are not sufficient.

You have to buy gifts like chocolate and candy because nothing says true love like diabetes.

Any scroll through Facebook shows the impact that this day has upon society.

You have the newly-found lovers that document every aspect of their relationship through Facebook so the cyber universe can bear witness to the eternal bond that is the love they share (until they get into a disagreement and then they share all their drama on Facebook).

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the grumpy ones and the lonely ones that resent Valentine’s Day and all that it represents because of all the “deadbeats” or “ratchets” they seem to have a history for being with.

Of course they are absolutely blameless and the obvious victim.

The First Nation Sensation has this to offer you all – buy a gift for your Valentine but meaning takes precedence to cost and we don’t need to see it all on Facebook and prefer not to.

Stop being a maddy puff – because you are driving away potential suitors regardless of any other appeal you may have.

Focus on being the best person you can be and you will attract the same kind of person.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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