Floyd Papequash

Floyd P 1

Floyd Papequash

Floyd Papequash is still relatively new to the sport of Jiu Jitsu but you couldn’t tell by looking at his win-loss record. Since he started fighting in points only competitions, he has racked up 23 medals, 15 of them gold.

This weekend Papequash takes the next step in his mixed martial arts career when he competes in his first submission only tournament – The Submission Ace Championship in Blackfalds, Alberta.

“This means there are no points, the only way you can win is by submitting the guy, making him cry uncle, tap out,” says Papequash. “Usually every time I compete, I finish the guy anyway, I don’t like the point game, it plays right into my favour. It falls right into my spider web.”

Papequash grew up on the Key First Nation moving to Regina in 2008.

He fell to peer pressure and became involved in street life. “As First Nations people, we get told so many times that we are not going to amount to anything.  It’s hard to do something positive when there is so much negative around you,” says Papequash. “Jiu Jitsu changed my life. I’ve become a much better person now that I’ve dedicated my life to it.”

His goal this weekend is to win his weight class and go for the Absolute Belt that’s open to all weight class winners.

Papequash also has his sights set on competing at two international Jiu Jitsu competitions in 2015.  The first competition is in Las Vegas, Nevada in the spring and the second competition is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the summer.


Darian Lonechild

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Darian Lonechild

The modeling career of Darian Lonechild received a shot in the arm last year when the 17-year old won the Miss Teen Central Saskatchewan crown. She went on to finish in the top 20 at Miss Teen Canada earning the Peoples Choice Award.

Lonechild says she’s not tall enough to be a runway model but that’s not stopping her from working in the business.

“Fitness is my passion, it’s something I do in the evenings and I thought I could switch it up and start doing fitness modeling by the summer,” says Lonechild. “And eventually make a blog about a clean healthy lifestyle for First Nation people. My goal is to lead and inspire younger First Nation girls and boys to really value fitness and the importance of nutrition.”

Lonechild plans to attend the University of Saskatchewan in the fall to pursue a career in law.


Jacob Pratt

Jacob Pratt

Jacob Pratt

Jacob Pratt and his Wambdi Dance troupe lit up the stage at the 2014 Regina NAIG Closing Ceremonies, and have recently danced at an international festival in Chile that took place from February 14 to 19, 2015.

“It’s an international festival, they get people from other countries as well, from South America and Central America,” says Pratt. “We’re the first group from Canada to be invited.”

In addition to the festival in Chili, Pratt says he’s focusing on his role as the artist in residence with the File Hills Qu’Appelle schools.

“Over the next few months, I will be evaluating six different schools in their arts programing,” says Pratt. “I’m going to be developing in the next year and hopefully start providing some programing in September to help these schools develop their arts programming.”

And as if Pratt doesn’t have enough on his plate, he is the lead choreographer for the upcoming Indspire Awards in Calgary on February 27. He will be working with pow wow dancers and Mauri dancers to create a performance for the show.


Erroll Kinistino


Erroll Kinistino

The North of 60 actor met some health issues head on last year recovering from a leg infection that nearly forced doctors to amputate the infected limb.

Last fall, Regina area musicians and artists rallied around Erroll Kinistino raising money to help him get back on his feet (no pun intended).

Kinistino plans to use the support to launch a comeback.

“What it did mainly for me is picked up my spirits. It helps me forget that my body is healing,” says Kinistino. “I’m considering writing my memoirs as a performing artist.”

During his seven-week hospital stay in Nanaimo, Kinistino kept a journal going back to his childhood when he started banging away at a guitar.

“My mom taught me the G note and the C note,” recalls the 61-year old Kinistino. “You want to try those and that’s it, I took off. Ever since then I have been interested in music.”

Kinistino plans to continue recording some music he hopes will become a CD. He will also host a weekly Saturday jam session in Regina at a tavern called The Sip.

Kinistino will be in Saskatoon February 17 and 18 at the National Association of Indian and Metis Friendship Centres youth leadership gathering.  He will be showing the film Out in the Cold in the context of dealing with lateral violence.


Shayanne Bear

Bear skating copyThe 2015 Jeux du Canada Winter Games take place in Prince George, BC, from February 13 to March 1, and Treaty 4 athlete Shayanne Bear will be one to watch in the figure skating competition.

The two-time provincial novice ladies figure skating champion is training for the Jeux du Canada Winter Games. Shayanne Bear is ranked 30th in Canada.

She hopes to move up the ranking with a strong finish at the Canada Games.

“My overall goal is probably top 10 for sure and ultimately top 5,” says Bear. “I just got to keep training.”

Shayanne Bear T4 flag copy

Figure skater Shayanne Bear is competing in the 2015 Jeux du Canada Games in Prince George, BC.

Bear leaves for the games on February 21 and will compete in the Novice Ladies competition on February 24 and 26.

Bear got serious about skating when she was in Grade 8 moving to Virden Manitoba to train with her coach. She says mental toughness is the hardest part of her training.

‘My first year it was kind of tough living away from home,” says Bear. “It was either I move and compete competitively or I live at home and try my best but I wouldn’t be able to be my best.”

Bear plans to join a skating tour in the US or Europe once she’s completed high school eventually going to university to become a journalist.

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