By Mervin Brass

Since last fall four communities elected new Chiefs and with the sudden passing of Allan Paquachan, the Fishing Lake First Nation will also be electing a new leader.

The passing of Chief Paquachan happened just days before the band’s scheduled election.

As a result, Fishing Lake will have an accelerated election that means there will be new nomination and election dates announced in the near future.

Meanwhile, the Keeseekose First Nation elected Lyndon Musqua as their new Chief in late November. Musqua defeated the incumbent Leonard Keshane.

Chief Machiskinic

Yellow Quill First Nation Chief John Machiskinic wants to build a better community for his young people.

One week later the Yellow Quill First Nation also changed leadership when they elected John Machiskinic.

Chief Machiskinic says the band will continue with their economic growth plan.

“Our plan is for jobs, better employment opportunities. I would like to see more employment on the reserve,” says Machiskinic.”We want to educate our young people to keep learning our language, ceremonies, our culture.”

Machiskinic wants to build better facilities in the community such as a band hall, a band office, new sports grounds with new ball diamonds.

The Key First Nation also voted in a new Chief when they elected David Cote.

Cote was the interim Chief since June following the resignation of Clarence Papequash.

Papequash resigned last summer moments before pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges.

During the swearing in ceremony last month Cote told his people he really wants to make changes in the community.

“I want to try make things happen on the reserve and off the reserve too,” says Cote. “I’m looking at buying some land in Yorkton. Some kind of housing for our people because there’s a trade school going up in Yorkton.”

Cote says students need affordable housing.

Former Ocean Man First Nation Chief Connie Big Eagle was elected back in as Chief of her band. She defeated the incumbent Gloria Shepherd.

Chief Mike Koochicum from the Peepeekisis First Nation was re-elected to another term.

Chief Todd Peigan from the Pasqua First Nation received a vote of confidence when he was acclaimed by his membership.



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