By Judy Bird

Two Yorkton teenagers were honoured today for their act of heroism that saved a man’s life.

Around 3 a.m. on November 15, Nikita Brass, 17, was driving her friend Dionne Kirchman, 19, to the store. They weren’t normally out at that hour, but Brass, a member of Key First Nation, said it was the weekend and they both happened to be awake.

She was driving down Catherine Street near Wellington Avenue when she noticed a parked car with heavy smoke coming out of it.

“I looked over and saw that car dripping something,” said Brass.

She called 911.

“We went around the block again and the car was in flames, burning, the whole front end of the car,” she said.

“We went down the alley to get a better look at the car and the driver’s side window was open and I heard really heavy coughing. I thought someone was trying to open the car door to see if someone was in there. The smoke cleared for one split second and I saw a guy’s head and his arms hanging out the driver’s side window,” Brass recalled.

Without hesitation, the two got out of the car and ran to the man’s aide. Kirchman pulled him out of the car and took him to sit by Brass on the sidewalk.

“He didn’t know what was happening. He was coughing a deep cough, like it was coming right from his stomach. It’s hard to explain,” said Brass.

She sat with him and talked to him to keep him calm.

“He didn’t know what was happening. I guess he was in shock,” she said.

They stayed with the man until help arrived.

Today Yorkton Mayor Bob Maloney presented them with Certificates for Heroism and special Fire Department medallions.

“It was pretty cool being recognized for that. I was just glad I was there, that he was safe and didn’t get hurt,” said Brass.

“Nobody was outside. We shouldn’t have been outside. We just got out there at the right moment at the right time. I was placed there. I had to be there for some reason,” she said.





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