By Mervin Brass

Imagine something that’s close to 100 feet long, just about 35 feet wide, 36 feet high and weighs more than 200 tons. evaporators

Now times that by two.

The Melville based company, Babcock and Wilcox, is shipping two evaporator units from Melville to Raymore than down to the K+S Legacy Site, 80 KM north west of Regina.

The move will begin at 7:00 a.m.

Drivers can expect delays if they come upon the equipment while in transit and should consider an alternate travel route to avoid delays. photo 2

It will slow traffic on Highway 15 between Melville and the junction with Highway 2, then on Highway 2 from the junction with Highway 15 to Highway 11 and finally on Highway 11 to the K+S mine access road to the mine site currently under development.

The plan is for the units to travel to Raymore on day one then continue onto their final resting place the following day.








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