By Raven Brass

Chief Clarence Louie is well known for his astonishing straight forward, tell it like it is speeches.

But Louie’s thoughts on the upcoming AFN election are just as straight forward and just as brutally honest.

“AFN needs a Chief not a politician, AFN needs a real worker not a yakker! AFN needs a business minded leader not a dreamer, AFN needs a Rez dog who knows Rez life, not some pampered high society educated spoiled city slicker!” Louie stated in an email responding to questions.

Chief Louie spoke Monday afternoon in Regina at the Regional Planning for Growth Summit, where he presented one of his patented speeches captivating his audience, leaving the room completely silent while he spoke.

“You know what the biggest problem in Regina is, unemployed Native men,” said Louie during his speech in Regina. “I don’t like hearing our Chiefs talking about poverty, I don’t like that word. We need to be talking about jobs. We need to be talking about economic development.”

Next month in Winnipeg, Chiefs from across Canada will vote on a new national Chief to lead the Assembly of First Nations.

The AFN interim Chief Ghislain Picard, FSIN Chief Perry Bellegarde and former Treaty #3 Grand Chief Leon Jourdain are vying for the top job.

“I will support whoever wants to create jobs and have a business development mandate and make money to advance Native ways and feed the Indian Work Horse that must pull the social cart,” he said. “The main challenge is to get the majority of the Indians in attendance to pull in the same direction and get the stinking Indian crab syndrome out of the AFN. Also there is the too many Indians and not enough Chiefs problem at the AFN. Not enough real leaders willing to stand up to the mob mentality.”

“Each year and each election the same crap gets said over and over again. Too many phoney Indian politicians getting paid to soap box and not enough real workers that earn the honorarium by getting shit done! Either move the yard sticks or get off the field!”

Chief Clarence Louie is from the Osoyoos Indian Band, in British Columbia.

He says British Columbia doesn’t vote as a block.

“I don’t hang around most BC Chiefs, I hang around business people, now there are some business minded Chiefs. In BC, there is never total agreement on who to vote for since BC First Nations are so diverse and our Tribal issues are so different. You got Treaty and non Treaty, you got coast and interior, you got North and South.  You got the hang around the Fort Indians and you got the hostiles, the independents!”

If any of the three AFN candidates want Chief Clarence Louie’s vote, they’re going to need to do more than give a heart warming speech and a promising smile.

“I hope one of the candidates is a real worker and wants to earn their pay by producing measurable results (no matter how small) rather than just giving the old Indian ‘I care’ speech. Vote for someone who produces, not a good yakker but a doer!”




6 Responses

  1. shmang

    now thats a good yakker…lol…nothing like perpetuating the old ‘fort’ mentality eh?

  2. deb

    now listen up all you corrupt chiefs n council…..take it from an Indian that tells it like he sees it.

  3. alton

    Well chief Clarence Louie. Quit your bickering and run with the wolves. Don’t Piss like a pup.

  4. George

    Ha ha ha with all due respect. Mr. Louie, the last thing we need to do is corporatise ourselves. Our purpose is to save the land, not destroy it. Sustainable development yes, the AFN leader needs to bring all our bands together, and recognize, breath life into. Nationhood. We are all fighting for the same thing. FREEDOM FROM PARENALISTIC , COLONIAL DIA processes. Rid ourselves of bands of Indians, and revive our.Nations.

    • Fabian

      There was a time in the ole days when a need for the FSIN & other political entities were needed to represent 1st Nations, however today we have educated Chiefs & are capable of doing our own business & dealing with government….an elder told me many years ago that we (1st Nations) can’t get ahead when we are using someone else’s money (Provincial & Federal government) Chief Louie can speak his mind because for the most part, the work he’s done for his people allows him to have the freedom to say whatever he wants, he’s generated revenue for his people & doesn’t fully depend on Government program monies to meet the needs of his people. I applaud Chief Louie for what he’s done & I can only speak for my own rez, but our chief has a vision of prosperity & deals with government on a regular basis & is moving our rez in a prosperous direction. We as 1st nations people need to move towards self sufficiency & then have the power to fully push a treaty agenda, until then our treaties will remain as powerful as they’ve ever been but unfortunately they are dormant….just my opinion.

  5. Arnold Ahenakew

    This is the type of person we need to represent us at the national and local levels. He makes perfect sense and is not afraid to offend anybody. I believe, someone like him, would make more progressive movement for us. We need more leaders like him.


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