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(Saskatoon, SK) Growing up on the Okanese First Nation provided Dawn Dumont with a lifetime worth of stories and colourful characters.Dawn Dumont

Dumont’s latest yarn is the book, Rose’s Run, a story about a single mother who decides to run in the band’s marathon only to realize she must face a demon that feeds off the strength of women.

“She’s at the end of her rope and then she decides to do something completely out of her realm and experience which is run a marathon,” says Dumont. “She needs money and this is the way she can get money. She puts that in motion and it starts to change her life.”

Rose’s Run is the follow up to Nobody Cries at Bingo, Dumont’s first book.

Dawn Dumont 1

Dawn Dumont is a member of the Okanese First Nation. She hosted a book launch of Rose’s Run on Friday October 17, 2014 in Saskatoon at the McNally Robinson bookstore. Photo credit: Mervin Brass.

“The bingo book was based on personal memoirs and stuff like that, it was harder to write even though it was based on personal experiences and I had to sort of remember everything and take it apart and find what the metaphor was, that was a little more analytical, but the editing was super fun, cause I just had to go through and write jokes,” says Dumont. “This book (Rose’s Run) was a lot of like, making sure the plot was right but the plot just basically wrote itself. I was told once that writing was not creating, it’s remembering and it was a lot easier to remember things that never happened.”

When she’s not writing books, Dumont can be found in the pages of Eagle Feather News where she writes one of the most popular columns in the publication.

She is also on the APTN reality comedy series with Don Kelly, Fish Out of Water.

“She’s a very interesting person,” says her mother, Theresa Walker. ”She is very, seriously funny when you know her.”

Rose’s Run can be found at the McNally Robinson bookstore in Saskatoon. The book can also be ordered at

Dawn Dumont 2

Dawn Dumont loved to read as a child crediting her mother, Theresa Walker, who would often read two books a week, as influencing Dumont’s love for literature. Photo credit: Mervin Brass



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