By Raven Brass

(Regina, SK) Erroll Kinistino spent more than a month in a Nanaimo British Columbia hospital battling a bladder complication that nearly forced doctors to cut off his leg.

“I started to get a pain in my leg and I didn’t understand where it was coming from, I went to doctors here in Regina and out in Vancouver and finally to Gabriel Island,” says the former North of 60 star, “They discovered that indirectly my bladder was over worked and wasn’t working to full capacity and it all stalled in the calf of my leg and by the time I got to the hospital in Nanaimo, it was ready to explode and it was so painful, I was almost in a coma.”
Kinistino says he started experiencing health problems in late July, shortly after his work with the North American Indigenous Games finished.

Erroll Kinistino says it’s a miracle he avoided the amputation of his leg due to a complication with his bladder.

“My leg would have been probably amputated but the doctors in Nanaimo and the health staff there felt it was worth it if I could stay there that long to get it operated on, to take the bacteria out of the leg, and then give it time to heal,” says the Ochapowace First Nation member. “Miraculously it has been healing. I have been out of the hospital now since September 20th. I’ve been back on the prairies since then.”

Word about Kinistino’s health scare soon spread through the Regina arts and entertainment community, a scene Kinistino has been a part of for most of his life.

They heard Kinistino needed help to pay for expenses incurred while he was sick.

Bill Cook

Bill Cook was one of many Regina area artists to come out and help raise money for Erroll Kinistino.

Regina and area musicians and artists decided to do something and came together Saturday night at The Exchange nightclub to raise money to help out their fellow artist.

Shane Bellegarde and his band The Snake Oil Salesmen helped to organize the special evening.

“Our goal, we wanted people to come out and have some fun. We wanted Erroll to be able to come out and have some fun,” says Bellegarde. “We wanted to send some money home with him, help to ease his cost of what he’s going through and until he can get back to doing his artistic things full time.”

The fundraiser, which lasted into the wee hours of the night, had a wide variety of musicians performing for Kinistino, everything from folk to even rap.

“I am so honoured, because I never asked for people to do this, they’re doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and it’s really inspiring to me,” says Kinistino.







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  1. Sharon Moffatt

    I am so Happy for you Errol Your are what people call a fighter. Keep up the good work. Love your music


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