Solomon Ratt is bringing stories with a cultural flavour to life in his new book, Woods Cree Stories. Ratt is a Woods Cree speaker from Stanley Mission, SK, and Associate Professor of Languages, Linguistics and Literature at the First Nations University of Canada.

Woods Cree Stories features tales of lost boys, animal scat, friends and foes, and buffalo “wings” and is infused with lessons of respect, honour and responsibility.  All the stories are presented in Cree syllabics, Standard Roman Orthography, which is the Latin alphabet used to write in English and French, and English translation.

The book launch was celebrated at the First Nations University on Wednesday, October 29 with a reading by Ratt, as well as comments from editor, Arok Wolvengrey and Bruce Walsh, who is with the University of Regina Press, which published the book.

Woods Cree Stories is the first book in a series that aims to preserve language through traditional and new stories. The series will be a valuable teaching tool for teachers, students, and anyone interested in Aboriginal languages.

The University of Regina Press intends to expand this series to include every one of the more than 60 Aboriginal languages spoken in Canada today.



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